Information about the materials used in our collections


The combination of different textures and finishes of silver (plated yellow gold, pink, green, rhodium black or sandblasted ...) give the pieces that casual and contemporary approach that joins the clean look that silver creates itself .

sinuous lines and bold by the combination of finishes and colors give a bold and unconventional air to parts of these collections (Collection Senda, loop ...)


On the slopes of Mount Etna in Italy, some experienced craftsmen create wonders from a single material: volcanic ash!

Many of our designs carry small beads made of lava.

This natural stone for its lightness and black anthracite is very suitable for jewelry. His little hairy pore and its special texture makes it very pleasant to the touch. Discover these unique pieces with velvet touch!

These unique pieces with velvet touch provide models that lead has that classic and timeless air while contemporary and avant-garde by the color contrast (black-white pairing) and forms in their designs (Collection Choc-Lava, Moll - Lava, Lava TELAR ...)


What is unusual is that the beads are placed in juxtaposition with other material giving a different touch as always associate pearls with elegant necklaces.

In our parts, the beads are used to contrast both to highlight the simplicity of the designs.

The'll find many of our collections in a variety of shades and colors. In them, simplicity and care work hand in hand in perfect harmony.


As traditional metals and natural elements such as silver, gold and pearl mixed with other unconventional materials in jewelry such as tubular metallic fabrics in different shades (copper, titanium, platinum, silver, black ...).

A versatile material, which can be modeled endless daring and unconventional pieces. (Collection Mesh, Moll Mesh, ...).

This tubular wire mesh belt is manufactured in Italy, is woven from brass, copper and / or aluminum and is coated with enamel and lacquer to prevent the color change. It is waterproof, heat resistant and does not nickel. It has lots of light, similar to the texture and is very comfortable to wear. Unlike heavier texture products made elsewhere, the coupling is perfect and feels rough against the skin. 


Silver, gold and pearl are also mixed with other unconventional materials such as tubular fabrics organza resulting in different and daring pieces. 


The reasons for preferring surgical steel over other materials to produce our parts:

It is hypoallergenic and resistant. No rust or lose its color and stays with the same finishes and original brightness.

Line design made with this material as timeless as the steel presents a visually semi-gloss finish and is intended for an urban and modern woman who prioritizes quality materials with delicate finishes and very current formats (Collection Moll-Steel ).

We also use surgical steel wire wound in other collections like the Loom.

The pieces in this collection fleeing conventionality all represent the integration of fashion elements in the day as part of an innovative and exclusive style.

The fusion of materials is a real vanguard and gets breathe new life into the design concept.


natural and semiprecious stones (Coral sponge, Sea water, jade, amazonite, prehnite, amethysts) are mixed today is very different materials and become innovative and cutting edge supplements thus establishing a perfect fusion between tradition and modernity.