About Version Original Handmade Jewelry

We are a young jewelry brand based in Barcelona and Granada.

In our shop you´ll find completely exclusive self-made jewelry . All our pieces are hand-made by very experienced jewelers. Every jewel is an unique piece. We offer completely original designs.

We produce handmade jewelry one by one with picked materials and top quality

The jewels are produced mainly in silver, gold plated silver, ruthenium and Roundwound surgical steel.

The touch of color is given by pearls, semi-precious stones and other materials that bring personality to the jewel

What we do is bring a touch of class creating exclusive designs made in the most traditional way

Every single piece is handmade and designed from the passion, which gives it a personality that shows in every turn


Visitación Sánchez Martínez, designer of the jewels from Original Version Handmade JewelryVisitación Sánchez, designer. 

After graduating in Hispanic Philology and working for years in the world of jewelry, she began with her first designs in 2009.

She lives currently in Barcelona, where she carries out her designs.

Her collections include several lines that cater to different personalities and styles and opt for melting and mixing of elements and materials.

She works on the basis of simplicity, elegance and essence of the designs. 

Each piece in which is poured a special feeling is made by hand and is carefully crafted to achieve that look regarding the "design jewel", the accessory whose simplicity and elegance becomes imperative for showing off at the different events that the modern women get by.

This basic idea is added with high quality materials and excellent finish, getting handcrafted jewelry worthy of being worn by someone special on any occasion.

Her designs are aimed at urban, versatile and independent women with a unique style that looks for elegance and exclusivity in fashion. Women who use the jewel not just as a complement but as a piece that distinguishes them from the others.



Highlight the aerial and creative nature of this collection where different materials blend (Silver, Pearl and Gemstone Lava) plays with their colors, shapes and textures. This makes the exclusivity and elegance of each of its parts. View Collection 


The designs in this collection are based on geometric shapes and refined lines.Jewels are versatile trend that blend the sophistication of modern life, are created with quality materials and designed with careful quality that characterizes our company. View Collection  


Metals and natural elements as traditional silver, gold and pearl mixed with other materials in unconventional jewelry such as metal tubular tissues in different shades (copper, titanium, platinum, silver, black ...) a versatile material, that can be modeled in countless bold and unconventional pieces. View Collection


Silver, Gold, Steel, Pearls, Stones, ... All are allied with sinuous shapes to endow maximum impact and personality to this collection. View Collection


The pieces in this collection are fleeing from all conventionality, integrating elements that represents fashion from day to day as part of unique and innovative style. Material merging is a real art and get air to breathe new design concept.  View Telar1 View Telar2 


Design made from a material as timeless as steel which has a semi-gloss finish and is designed visually to a current urban woman that prioritizes quality materials with fine finishes and state-of-the-art formats. View Collection


Timeless classic collection while contemporary and avant-garde for the color contrast (binomial white-black) and shapes in their designs. View Collection


A simplicity of forms combines the pervading sense of movement of personality to the pieces in this collection. View Collection


Highlight the timeless spirit of this collection. Practical and easy to carry pieces, is the secret to stay in time. View Collection


The modernist style of this collection joins the combination of the different finishes of silver (oxidized silver and gold plated silver) that provide an innovative and contemporary air to the piece. View Collection


Purged geometric shapes and lines where the effect is given by the innovative combination of different finishes. View Collection


Traditional materials such as silver, gold and pearl mixed with other materials in unconventional jewelry such as tissues resulting in different and daring pieces. View Collection


Natural and semi-precious stones are mixed with different materials in a very modern way and become innovative and cutting-edge supplements thus establishing a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. View Collection


In this collection the combination of silver with lava and the different finishes, create a clean, contemporary look where the simplicity of its lines is the best ally of elegance and timelessness. View Collection


Sinuous lines and bold with the combination of finishes and colors give a daring and unconventional air to pieces in this collection. View Collection


Own design Jewels | Garish designs that mix silver and steel with other materials The result is striking pieces that are far from conventional. View Colection


Collection where such a natural element as freshwater cultured pearl in a variety of shades and colors, simplicity and care work come together in perfect harmonyView Collection


The combination of different finishes, sinuosity and elegance are some of the components of this new collection that has the simplicity his best allyView Collection


ORBIT jewelry collection. Own design jewelry | Metals and traditional elements such as silver, gold and stainless steel springs are mixed to model a myriad of daring and unconventional pieces that are both classic and elegant. View Collection